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What is Application Hosting?

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What is Application Hosting

The term Application Hosting is fairly new in the web hosting industry but it is actually a good "group name" for hosting website programmes that run on a website.

Everyone is used to Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting these days, some might still remember names like Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting" which were used originally to describe the server platform the hosting was based on. In the early days of the Internet there were no web applications, there we web pages or websites and all were created or developed for that site either by doing them from scratch or by using some basic editor.

As time went on, more and more web applications (complete packages) of functional code were created. These could be uploaded to a web server, be configured and used by visitors. This was the start of the web application era.

There are literally thousands of web applications today. From CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Grav or Concrete5, to Forums/Bulitten Boards like phpBB, vBulletin, SMF and more, to Social Media Platforms, Chat Applications, Galleries, Survey Applications, and much much more.

Application Hosting therefore refers to a set of Web Hosting Packages that are configured to provide the software, modules, extensions and resources required by the general majority of these applications so that a user can install and run most of these applications without battling to get the specific server resources installed and configured. This does not mean the host will have every single resource and extension installed for every web application, but the majority should be there.

At iStartCloud we've tried to not only address every aspect of requirements like PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and the related scripts and extensions, we've also included additional resources and programmes to make the experience and performance even better. For example, we include a broad spectrum of features to speed up PHP based application by adding things like APCu, Memcahed, Zend OPcache, Zlib, and the very fast Redis Caching Server to every Application Hosting package.

Then to top it off, we've increased the CPU, RAM and Disk IO resources on the Application Hosting packages so you can do even more. See the Application Hosting packages for details.

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