Sell Your Hosting Business

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Sell your Hosting Business

If You’re Looking To Sell Your Web Hosting Business, We Can Help.

Looking to exit the hosting industry and sell your web hosting clients/business?

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your hosting business, feel free to contact us so we can work with you to find a way to make it work for all parties.

Whether you’re a;
– Reseller,
– VPS based Host,
– Dedicated Server based host,
– Agency,
– Individual or HSP/ISP.

We understand you might find it difficult to reach out about this but rest assured, we’ll treat you and the information you share with the utmost care and a confidentiality agreement can be signed beforehand if that is a requirement for you.

Whether you have a handful of clients or large numbers of hosting clients we will likely be able to help you while keeping with  a fair process and simple process.

The typical process after contacting us would be;

– Complete a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
– We get to know your situation and decide if we if it is suitable to proceed
– You respond to a set of questions and provide us with specific information
– We do our due diligence to confirm the facts & information provided
– We finalise our valuation and make you an offer, or decline to make an offer
– You review the offer and accept or decline
– Both parties proceed with the contractual process and a suitable timeline.

To make contact, please drop our management an email at sellhost (at) istartcloud . com