Referral Programme

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Earn Big When You Successfully Refer New Clients.

Earn 50% Commission when you successfully refer someone

You get 50% of the value of their first purchase as credit in your account.

Step 1

Get started by creating and maintaining an active iStartCloud account.

New and Existing Clients can sign-up for the Referral Program by activating it in the “My Account” section of our website.

Step 2

When logged into your iStartCloud Client Account, activate your Affiliate Program.

Within your Account, click the Affiliates menu, then click “Become and affiliate”. Link

Step 3

Actively share and promote our products and services with anyone.

Copy and share your unique Referral Link with anyone and everyone.

Step 4

Continue earning payouts in iStartCloud credits for each qualifying referral.

Earn 50% on the initial order of every new referral as credit in your iStartCloud account.

Referral Program Specifics

This Referral Program applies to the first purchase of any of the following Products and Services:
Website Hosting, Application Hosting, Business Hosting, CDN Services, Anti-Spam Filtering.

This Referral Program DOES NOT APPLY to the following:
Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, Domain Transfer or SSL Certificate Purchases.

  • This program applies to any billing cycle selected by the new referral client when they checkout.
  • Credit is processed after 35-days of the new referral being active and up to date with invoice payments.
  • If the new referral cancels or defaults on their payment within the first 30-days the referral commission is also cancelled.
  • If the new referral cancels within the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee period the referral commission is also cancelled.
  • Referral commission credits are valid in your iStartCloud Account only, these credits will not be paid out in any form whatsoever.
  • Once the new referred client has signed up and ordered successfully, he/she is free to order additional products or services directly from within the iStartCloud system without any obligation of further referral fees to the Affiliate who referred them in the first place.