Our Guarantee

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

This means you have 60-Days from the date you signed up for a service to use and evaluate our service and if your not satisfied you can request a full refund for that service. 

The process is simple, if you’re not satisfied, Login to the Client Portal and submit a Support Ticket stating you want to Cancel a specific service and that you want a Refund. We’ll take it from there and make contact to obtain the required information that will enable us to do the refund.

Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee applies to services offered by iStartCloud directly, not 3rd party services or products.

Applicable Services:
 – Email Hosting
 – Shared Hosting
 – WordPress Hosting
 – Business Hosting
 – DNS Hosting
 – CDN Services

NOTE: Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee does NOT apply to the following:
 – Domain Registration
 – Domain Transfers
 – Domain Renewals
 – Domain Privacy
 – Commercial SSL Certificates
 – VPS Hosting

99.99% Server & 99.999% Network Uptime Guarantee

We offer a 99.999% (five nines) Network Uptime Guarantee – not just 99.9% like most others.

We offer a 99.99% (four nines) Server Uptime Guarantee – not just 99.9% like most others.

So what’s the difference between 99.999% (five nines) and 99.9% (three nines) ?


Availability %

Downtime per year

Downtime per month


99.9% (three nines)

8.64 hours

43.2 minutes


99.99% (four nines)

52.6 minutes

4.38 minutes


99.999% (five nines)

5.26 minutes

25.3 seconds


99.9999% (six nines)

31.56 seconds

2.63 seconds


99.99999% (seven nines)

3.16 seconds

262.98 milliseconds

The following events and cases are not covered by a Uptime Guarantee:

– Scheduled or Planned upgrades or maintenance

 – Upgrades or Downgrades of your hosting account

 – DNS or IP address changes

 – Domain expiry issues

 – Script errors caused by outdated scripts or codes on the website

 – Incorrect setup or scripts or configs by the user

 – Hosting or Account suspension due to payment issues

 – Hosting suspension due to exceeding limits or resources

 – Perceived Downtime due to issues with your Internet Connectivity Provider or Data Cap

 – Natural disasters or physical attacks

 – Direct Denial of Service attacks (DDoS)

Honesty Guarantee

We believe in good old-fashioned values and principals and these have stayed with us since we started back in 2001.

Our primary commitment is to:

 1. Provide a functional system
 2. Provide sensible services
 3. Be service oriented
 4. Be truthful and open
 5. If we make a mistake we’ll try to fix it

Our further commitment is to do:

 1. No false advertising
 2. No misleading sales hype
 3. No hidden fees or clauses
 4. No lies or misinformation

If you feel we’re not living up to these please communicate with us directly so we can address the matter.