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To provide reliable and scalable cloud based hosting services to individuals, resellers and small businesses utilising environmentally friendly upstream infrastructure providers.


It originally started as a small Closed Corporation in 2001. During the first few years the business sold computer hardware & software and also developed websites for a number of our customers. This lead to the start of offering Linux shared hosting services, initially as reseller, then afterwards as our own standalone hosting business.


It was decided to change the branding and focus more or Internet related services. During this period the business continued to focus on Shared & Reseller hosting for mostly the South African market but also had a few international clients. The business built and operated owned Linux servers from a data centre in Johannesburg and had a few rented servers in the USA to cater for International clients and those who needed more bandwidth at a lower price. During all this time we built a business and reputation as being open and honest, if we messed up we will admit it and resolve the problem to the best of our ability.


With the vast improvements in cloud computing and broadband speeds we decided to make a change and move our entire business from dedicated servers to cloud based servers & systems where we can scale and adapt as required. Together with this we decided to to a Name and Brand change to iStartCloud. Our main focus is to provide high speed cloud based hosting services such as shared hosting for those who just need some basic hosting, to optimised packages for WordPress or CMS hosting, to specialised Business hosting packages that offer more functionality on the Email side. In addition to the above we also provide dedicated Anti-Spam Gateway services on a domain level to filter out the bulk of unwanted emails prior to these getting to the hosting servers and the client mailboxes. To complement our cloud hosting services we also offer world wide Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to improve website speeds and loading times no matter where the end website visitor is located. We trust our future road map and continued principal of being open and honest with our customers will ensure the business keeps growing and that we can continue servicing the clients who joined us back in 2001 and still remain valued and loyal.

Data Centres

Teraco, Johannesburg, South Africa, Utility Power, Online
Equinix, Sydney, Australia, Mixed Energy Source, Online
Inerxion, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 100% Renewable Energy, Online
Volta, London, United Kingdom, 100% Renewable Energy, Online