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What is GRAV CMS?

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What is Grav CMS?

Grav is a file-based web platform (or content management system) - this means it does not need a database at all and can easily be hosted on a straight forward shared website hosting platform or Grav hosting package.

Grav is a great alternative to other popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal but as mentioned before, Grav does not need a database at all. True to its focus, Grav is simple to use, fast, flexible and simple without the need for a multitude of plugins from various developers to make it work. It was designed to be easy to install and setup and have a shallow learning curve. See https://getgrav.org/ for more details.

Grave was voted “Best Open Source CMS” in 2026, and voted “Best Flat-File CMS” in 2017 and 2019.

The initial release of Grav was back in July 2014, and version 1.6.23 of Grav was released on 19 March 2020. As at this time, work on Grav 1.7.0 is in progress.

Grav can be used for various types of websites, from a standard simple website, to business websites, directories, blogs, and more.

The basic Grav installation is enough to get going and produce a good looking functional website or blog that will load and display very fast.

Grav also has the flexibility and power to do much more with the installation of some plugins, skeletons and themes.

If you want to extend the functionality and have more design options you can consider some commercial themes from https://rockettheme.com. When using these you will need the Gantry 5 framework plugin as it will enable a totally different workflow and set of features for Grav.

The benefit of not having a database is that there is not added overhead to connect to and read data from a database. This simplifies the entire process and means the webserver handles everting directly.

When using iStartCloud as your Grav hosting provider you get the following benefits:

  • Free Grav installation via the Softaculous Installer or by logging a ticket for Free Installation support of Grav + the Administration GUI.
  • Optimised server packages and modules such as APCu, Memcahed, OPcache and Redis Cache to give you the best performance.

The Grav documentation can be found here https://learn.getgrav.org/

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